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you only get one chance to make the right decision for you estate. Here are five simple rules to help you choose the right estate sale company for you.

  • ATTEND AN ESTATE SALE RUN BY THE COMPANY YOU ARE CONCIDERING HIRING FOR YOUR ESTATE.​​ As a potential client, we invite you to attend one of more of our estate sales to see first-hand the difference made by our attention to detail, our security, our experience and our sales team as they attend the thousands of people who attend our sales.
  • CHOOSING A COMPETENT EXPERT. Paulette Wilhite is an Estate Sales specialist. Our team includes specialists in antiques, glass, vintage items and collectibles. Credentials alone, are not sufficient- experience matters too. Paulette and her management team have a combined 40+ years in the industry.
  • ASK FOR AND CHECK REFERNECES. We gladly furnish numerous references and encourage you to contact them. We take great pride in the work we do and the standard of integrity we uphold for both our clients and customers.
  • INQUIRE ABOUT ALTERNATE SELLING OPTIONS If you have a large estate, partial estate or just a few items you are wanting to liquidate, Ashbury Lane Estate Sale Services provides selling options that best fit your needs that will bring you the highest prices for your items.
  • MAKE SURE THE COMPANY IS INSURED AND BONDED We believe in being safe and providing the best for our clients. Ashbury Lane Estate Sale Services is one of the few estate sale companies in Texas that provide comprehensive liability coverage are fully bonded​, ​at no extra cost to our clients.

Before we meet with you regarding your estate, please DO NOT throw out anything. We advice our clients prior to their free consultation and planning session with us to simply remove ONLY the items they are going to keep, been willed to or are being given to members of their family or friends. As part of our job, we sort through the entire contents of the estate and if an item/items truly should be thrown out we will provide this service.
What if I don't have any antiques?
Having no antiques in your estate sale is not a concern. Successful estate sales can be full of antiques, have a few pieces or none at all. Some of our best sales have had a little bit of everything. Customers are not coming to estate sales just to purchase antiques, they are looking for an array of items depending on the customer.
what kinds of items do you sell?
We sell EVERYTHING in an estate and outside of an estate except alcohol, food, or medications which is prohibited by law. This includes specialty items like cars, boats, tractors, barns, sheds and fencing . if you want it part of your sale. Again, each sale is different. We have had sales where the home is being demolished afterwards and everything from the front door to the back fencing was for sale, to sales of just select specialty items in the home. There is almost nothing we can't sell and this is one of the features our clients love about our company.
what services do you provide?
Ashbury Lane Estate Sale Services provides free consultation of your estate, ​organizing and setting up your items, pricing, selling, monitoring items during sell (with security if needed) and handle donation after the sale if preferred by our client. In addition, we recognize that every sale is different, and we will make every effort to be flexible, to be fair, reasonable and understanding, and to work within your schedule. We trust that you will do the same.
​​what happens if there are items left unsold?
No estate sale sells every item available. During our free consultation with you we will go over options, of what fits best for you, of what to do with any remaining items at the end of the sale. We understand that each client has different needs and wants when it comes to their personal items. 
​​​what does your service cost?
From the beginning of our transaction together our consultation is free of charge.
​Ashbury Lane Estate Sale Services works on a percentage of sales scale. We will go over this during your free consultation. We cover all the advertising and workers fees out of our own commission. At times, with special situations, there may be additional fees to the client. This will be discussed during our consultation if your estate warrants any special requirements. When you hire us to conduct your estate sale you are getting our many years of experience and expertise, our list of loyal buyers and our knowledge that allows you to get the best outcome from you sale, all necessary supplies and equipment, advertising and detailed bookkeeping of your sale. Our past clients have found we earn our commission, plus some!

​​how do I know that you are honest?
Ashbury Lane Estate Sale Services has established a reputation in honesty, integrity, professionalism and client satisfaction. We work for high end clients and companies to the most humble farmers and treat each client with the same respect, honesty and competency. We value and respect that your estate is personal to you and we treat it with the same respect we would want for our own treasured items.
We have found that holding a special preview with family and/or friends before the sale is a much better option for loved ones. During this time you can observe display, view prices and ask any questions you may have. This is also a nice private time to say goodbye to the estate without strangers around. If you choose to come to the estate sale once it is operational we just ask that you keep low profile, not interfere with the sales team and have fun.
​​what do I do about clean up after the sale?
When the sale is over, normally the items remaining are garage sale quality items or items of less desirability. The owner has the option to sell, obtain or donate all remaining items. In some cases there may be a trash hauling fee of which would be discussed during your free consultation.
​​how far in advance do I need to book the estate sale?
We are always ready to come out and discuss your estate with you and book your sale. During this time we will discuss how much time will be needed for set up, proper advertising (specialty items sometimes need longer advertising) and cleaning prior to the sale start date. Each sale is different, but in most cases 1-2 weeks is sufficient time for us to be ready for your sale to start
when is a good time to have an estate sale?
Our customers attend our sales all year long. Any time is a good time! We do observe major holidays out of respect for our clients, customers, workers and families. We do not recommend conducting an estate sale December 20- January 1 due to the season and less traffic. With that said if that period of time is best for you due to situations beyond your control we will do our very best to advertise and get the most customers to your sale and make you the max profit we can during this time. The best days for estate sales are Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Thursday being an option. We have also conducted very successful estate sales that last over a week long due to the amount of items needing liquidated.